Bursting Plugs

Typ(en): S-BS / S-BM / S-BZ

STRIKO bursting plugs of the S-BS, S-BM and S-BZ series can be installed at almost any position of a housing, e.g. of drives or hydraulic systems – if required, completely individually executable. This even makes it possible to retrofit a housing with a pressure relief device. Designed with a screw-in thread, the bursting plugs can be installed quickly and easily and – in the event of a response – be replaced. Three different product outlet designs (free blow-off, damped blow-off or threaded connection) of the bursting plugs ensure the greatest possible control when discharging the medium. A wide pressure range rounds off the versatility of STRIKO bursting plugs.


  1. S-BS
    STRIKO – bursting plug with laser welded bursting foil (low dead space design; leakage rate ≤ 1-10-9 mbar-l/s)
  2. S-BM
    STRIKO – bursting plug with multi layered bursting disk
  3. S-BZ
    STRIKO – bursting plug with full metal bursting disk

Design Examples

S-BS bursted and new
S-BS bursted and new
S-BS G1/4"
S-BS G1/4"
S-BS G1"
S-BS G1"
S-BS-1 (left) & S-BS-2 (right) G1/4"
S-BS-1 (left) & S-BS-2 (right) G1/4"
S-BS-3 G1/4" with thread connection
S-BS-3 G1/4" with thread connection
S-BS-2 G1" vent side
S-BS-2 G1" vent side

Advantages in the application

  1. quick replacements after activation
  2. can be delivered in different sizes and forms
  3. fragment-free opening behaviour
  4. working ratio up to 90%
  5. can be solely used for pressure protection or in addition to pressure sensors or over-pressure valves


Werkstoffe Gehäuse

Stainless steel 1.4404

Werkstoffe Berstmembran

Stainless steels, Inconel, nickel, special materials such as hastelloy


1/4″ to 1″


from 1 bar (g) to 1.000 bar (g)


up to 80 %


min. +/- 5 %


-50 ℃ to +480 ℃


not necessary


not necessary

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