The compact, space saving, double walled designed heat exchanger made from stainless steel, Hastelloy® or titanium is used numerous industrial applications – from chemistry to pharmaceutical to textile and diary. The systems are used for heating or cooling process containers, stirring units, storage tanks or apparatus.

As a compact barrel warmer, a moveable device on castors is offered that does not need to be supplied with expensive electrical energy. Rather, steam, hot water or thermo-oil from the running operations may be heated.

Design Examples

STRIKO Thermo Plate
STRIKO Thermo Plate
Exhaust gas coolers with <a href="" target="_self" title="The transfer of thermal energy from one material flow to another takes place in a suitable appliance, the heat exchanger. STRIKO heat exchangers are specially designed to temper viscous to highly viscous media – reliably and smoothly up to a viscosity range of 500,000 mPas. This is made possible thanks to the S-Helical technology patented…" class="encyclopedia">heat exchanger</a> from Thermo Plates
Exhaust gas coolers with heat exchanger from Thermo Plates
Heatable tube in meat processing
Heatable tube in meat processing
Heatable tube in meat processing
Heatable tube in meat processing

Advantages in the application

  1. maximum operating pressure 20 bar or higher as special design
  2. outstanding heat transfer, low pressure loss
  3. application as immersion section in round and square form
  4. shells can be delivered as of DN 300 in almost all sizes and forms
  5. many sizes, forms and materials are possible

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