Graphite Rupture Disc Series G3

Serie(n): G3
Typ(en): G3-M / G3-MV / G3-A / G3-AV

Regardless of the types in demand – the advantages of graphite Rupture Discs are the high corrosion resistance and the good value for money as well as the easy assembly.


  1. G3-M
    STRIKO – Graphite Monobloc Rupture Disc
  2. G3-MV
    STRIKO – Graphite Monobloc Rupture Disc, Vacuum support
  3. G3-A
    STRIKO – Graphite Monobloc Rupture Disc, reinforcement
  4. G3-AV
    STRIKO – Graphite Monobloc Rupture Disc, reinforcement, Vacuum support

Design Examples

G3-AV (reinforced with vacuum support)
G3-AV (reinforced with vacuum support)

Advantages in the application

  1. design as monobloc Rupture Disc
  2. direct installation between flanges
  3. no special holder is necessary
  4. the reinforcement ring will absorb increased axial forces during assembly, which can occur through misalignments of the flanges



Phenolic resin impregnated graphite, reinforcement: Stainless steel / special materials

Nominal widths

DN 25 to DN 400

Burst pressures

from 0.07 bar (g) to 28 bar (g)

Working ratio


Burst tolerance

min. ± 10%

Utilisation temperature range

-50℃ to +180℃

Vacuum support

can be optionally integrated

Bust indication

can be combined with burst indicator or leakage sensor

Bursting disk holder

not necessary

Accessories - Alarm transmitter

  1. SVT 02
    Burst Indicatior for breakage of Rupture Disc / opening of safety valve
  2. SVT 05
    Leakage sensor (activates already for the smallest leaks)
  3. SVT AM
    Full metal alarm for bursting disk monitoring (for high temperatures up to +600 ℃ and at aggressive media)
  4. SVT AM-L
    Alarm for Rupture Disc/breakage monitoring (use for lowest burst pressures, from 10 mbar (g))

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