The cost efficient alarm SVT 02 is recommended for all standard applications in a temperature range from -30℃ to +220℃. The delivery is completely ready for installation and includes seals and connecting cables. It is of course fit for use for DIN, ANSI and JIS flanges – and can be configured with other seals depending on the application case as well.


  1. SVT 02
    STRIKO – VerfahrensTechnik Burst Indicatr 02

Advantages in the application

  1. Quick identification of a malfunction
  2. Simple assembly
  3. Maintenance-free
  4. Deliverable in nominal widths DN 25 to DN 600
  5. In every system it can be combined with metal and graphite bursting seals, also with bursting discs from other manufacturers
  6. Can be also used with bursting discs that can be attached without holder between the flanges.
  7. Retrofitting is also possible thanks to low installation height (5mm)
  8. the alarm is a separate component and independent of the bursting disc
  9. Can also be used downstream of safety valves
  10. Continuous temperature range from -30° to +220°


Temperature range

-30 ℃ to +220 ℃

max amperage

50 mA

max resistance before bursting

20 Ω

Conductor path material





Klingersil C 4400

Power supply cable

Teflon coated, 2 m long other sealing materials can be delivered upon request.

Note on ATEX:

All burst indicators / leakage sensors from STRIKO according to the type of protection are rated “i” intrinsic safety – “simple electrical equipment” when connected to an intrinsically safe circuit. The requirements on “simple electrical equipment” are covered in section 5.7 of the standards EN 60079-11:2012 or IEC 60079-11 Ed. 6:2011-06 “Explosive atmospheres – Part 11: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety ‘i'”. Simple electrical equipment, designed in accordance with the requirements of section 5.7 of the standards EN 60079-11:2012 or IEC 60079-11:2011 and section 16.4 of the standards EN 60079-14: 2014 or IEC 60079-14 Ed. 5: 2013-11 “Explosive atmospheres – Part 14: Electrical installations design, selection and erection” do not require certification; see section 4.4.2 of EN 60079-14: 2014 or IEC 60079-14 Ed. 5: 2013-11. Such parts are also not governed by directive 94/9/EC since they do not feature any potential source of ignition. The designation of simple equipment can be made by any person/institution, including the manufacturer or installer, and made by freely selectable designation marking or coding preferred for the installation/plant.

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