Aseptic Metal Bursting Disks

Serie(n): SF & SU
Typ(en): SF-M-S / SF-MV-S / SF-MD-S / SU-R-S / SU-C-S

STRIKO aseptic metal bursting disks are especially characterised by their unique dead space free design – pharmaceutical customers or customers from the food industry place high value on this feature. Aseptic bursting disks are frequently used in Tri-clamp connections. All variants guarantee a fragment free opening behaviour which rounds off the positive product attributes.


  1. SF-M-S
    STRIKO – Flat, Multilayered, Sterile
  2. SF-MV-S
    STRIKO – Flat, Multilayered, Vacuum Supported, Sterile
  3. SF-MD-S
    STRIKO – Flat, Multilayered, Double Effective, Sterile
  4. SU-R-S
    STRIKO - Reverse Acting, Shear Ring, Sterile
  5. SU-C-S
    STRIKO - Reverse Acting, C-Form Pre Scored, Sterile

Design Examples

SF-M-S-N with PTFE Seal
SF-M-S-N with PTFE Seal
SU-R-S with EPDM Seal
SU-R-S with EPDM Seal
SU-R-S with Burst Indicator SVT 02-S
SU-R-S with Burst Indicator SVT 02-S

Advantages in the application

  1. fragment-free opening behaviour
  2. ideal as single pressure relief unit or used in combination with safety valve
  3. vacuum resistant design
  4. working ratio: up to 90%
  5. upon request with 3D name-plate for safe detection of correct direction of installation
  6. ideal to protect media that tend to “cake”



Stainless steels, Inconel, nickel, special materials such as hastelloy

Nominal widths

DN 25 – DN 100

Burst pressures

from 0.3 bar (g) to 20 bar (g)

Working ratio

up to 90 %

Burst tolerance

min. +/- 5 %

Utilisation temperature range

-200 ℃ to +260 ℃

Bursting disk holder

not necessary

Vacuum support

not necessary / optional (depending on type)

Burst indicator

can be optionally integrated

Installation before safety valve?


Individual solutions

There are a number of design options for the aseptic bursting disks. Whether vacuum proof or with integrated burst indication, whether in standard materials or special materials – just talk to our specialists. We are happy to advise you competently and comprehensively!

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