Forward Acting Metal Bursting Disks

Serie(n): SZ
Typ(en): SZ-X / SZ-M / SZ-MV

Forward acting metal bursting disks are installed in a standard holder SHZ or in a pre-torqued holder SHZ Pro between flanges. They are especially suitable for securing medium to high working pressures.


  1. SZ-X
    STRIKO - Forward Acting, X-shaped Pre-Scored
  2. SZ-M
    STRIKO - Forwar Acting, Multilayered
  3. SZ-MV
    STRIKO - Forwar Acting, Multilayered, Vacuum Supported

Design Examples

SZ-M in holder SHZ
SZ-M in holder SHZ
SZ-X in holder SHZ
SZ-X in holder SHZ

Advantages in the application

  1. fragment-free opening behaviour
  2. ideal as single pressure relief unit or used in combination with safety valve
  3. high working ratio: up to 90%
  4. “Fail-Safe” design – incorrect installation leads to bursting of the SZ-X at or underneath the actual burst pressure
  5. also obtainable with a PTFE-liner
  6. equipped with a 3D name-plate for safe detection of correct direction of installation as a standard
  7. suitable for gasses, vapours and liquids



Stainless steels, nickel, special materials such as hastelloy, tantalum

Nominal widths

DN 15 – DN 250

Burst pressures

from 0.02 bar (g) to 200 bar (g)

Working ratio

up to 90 %

Burst tolerance

min. +/- 5 %

Utilisation temperature range

-200 ℃ to +480 ℃

Bursting disk holder

SHZ and SHZ Pro

Vacuum support


Burst indicator

optionally installed on discharge side

Installation before safety valve?

yes, since fragment-free opening

Accessories - Alarm transmitter

  1. SVT 02
    Burst Indicatior for breakage of bursting disk / opening of safety valve
  2. SVT 05
    Leakage sensor (activates already for the smallest leaks)
  3. SVT AM
    Full metal alarm for bursting disk monitoring (for high temperatures up to +600 ℃ and at aggressive media)
  4. SVT AM-L
    Alarm for bursting disks/breakage monitoring (use for lowest burst pressures, from 10 mbar (g))

Individual solutions

There are a number of design options for the forward acting metal bursting disks. Whether vacuum resistant, with PTFE-liner or manufactured from special materials – just talk to our specialists. We are happy to advise you competently and comprehensively, in order to find the right solution for your application.

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