Bursting Disks for Tank Container

Serie(n): SF
Typ(en): SF-M-TB / SF-MD-TB

STRIKO tank bursting disks protect tank containers and tank wagons against impermissible overpressure and/or underpressure. The flat tank bursting disk is available in the versions SF-M-TB (vacuum-supported and with PTFE protective film on the product side) and SF-MD-TB (double-acting). STRIKO tank bursting disks are used to transport gases, liquids or multiphase media safely on our roads and tracks. A flanged centering collar allows reliable installation and centering of the rupture disc between two flanges (fail-safe installation). Tank bursting discs for common bursting pressures are available from stock in nominal sizes DN 65 and DN 80, offering you the greatest possible flexibility and rapid availability.


  1. SF-M-TB
    STRIKO - Flat, Multilayered, Vacuum Supported with mediumsided PTFE-Liner
  2. SF-MD-TB
    STRIKO - Flat, Multilayered, Double Acting (different pressures in over/under pressure direction)

Design Examples


Advantages in the application

  1. Reliable pressure protection of tank container and tank wagons
  2. No fragmentation of metallic parts
  3. Flat design
  4. SF-M-TB vacuum-proof and with PTFE protective film on product side
  5. SF-MD-TB as ideal protection against overpressure and underpressure
  6. Fail-safe function due to centering collar
  7. Available in special materials such as nickel, Hastelloy®, Inconel® or tantalum
  8. Nominal sizes DN 65 and DN 80 for common bursting pressures and materials available from stock
  9. with 3D type plate as standard for reliable identification of the correct installation direction
  10. suitable for gases, vapors and liquids
  11. working ratio: up to 90%
  12. Tolerance: up to +/- 5%



Stainless steels, nickel, special materials such as tantalum, Inconel®, Hastelloy®,...

Nominal widths

DN 65 and DN 80 on stock, others on request

Burst pressures

from 0.025 bar (g) up to approx. 30 bar (g)

Working ratio

up to 90%

Burst tolerance

up to +/- 5%

Ambient temperature

-120 °C to +260 °C (PFA), +480 °C (metallic)

Installation before safety valve?

Yes (No fragmentation of metallic parts)

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