Extruder Metal Bursting Disks

Serie(n): S-EB
Typ(en): S-EB / S-EB-SVT

The S-EB series provides the overpressure protection of extruders as a purely passive safety element in addition to pressure and temperature sensors. The bursting disk body is screwed into the extruder housing in a manner that the bursting disc is positioned as close as possible to the product. Thus the bursting disc is not blocked by product deposits and can be opened unimpaired, in order to relieve unwanted overpressures – this is the only way the sensitive machine components can be protected reliably.


  1. S-EB
    STRIKO – Extruder Bursting disk
  2. S-EB-SVT
    STRIKO – Extruder Bursting disk (SVT = integrated burst indicator)

Design Examples


Advantages in the application

  1. can be delivered in different sizes and lengths
  2. good working ratio: up to 80%
  3. can be used as a purely passive safety element in addition to pressure and temperature sensors
  4. S-EB-SVT with integrated burst indicator
  5. ideal for use in case of high pressures and temperatures



Stainless steels, Inconel, nickel, special materials such as hastelloy

Nominal widths

3/16“ / 46mm up to 460mm (more upon request)

Burst pressures

from 70 bar (g) to 1200 bar (g)

Working ratio

80 %

Burst tolerance

min. +/- 5 %

Utilisation temperature range

depending on the application up to +500 ℃

Bursting disk holder

not necessary

Vacuum support

not necessary

Burst indicator


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