Standard Bursting Disk Holder

Serie(n): SH-F / SH-Z / SH-U for metal bursting disks of the SH / SZ / SU series
Typ(en): SHF / SHZ / SHU

The standard bursting disk holders SHF, SHZ and SHU are the standard holders necessary for the installation of our metal bursting discs.

Optionally, the STRIKO pre-torqued holders may be used for these bursting disks. Both are installed with seals between the flange and holder, or alternatively with a burst or leakage sensor between flanges. By tightening the flange screws, the metallic seal is reliably produced between the bursting disk and the holder inlet part.

Design Examples

SH-U inlet part
SH-U inlet part
SH-U inlet part
SH-U inlet part
complete assembly (holder with disk)
complete assembly (holder with disk)


Nominal widths

DN 20 to DN 250


All stainless steels, whereby 1.4571 is the standard Special materials such as Hastelloy, Sandvik SX, Tantal, PTFE lining, carbon steel

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